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Hydrant Issue

Woodford hydrant
Woodford hydrant
Woodford hydrant

It has been determined the hydrants produced by Woodford Manufacturing and purchased by the Campground contain a lead component, and are not appropriate for use in water systems providing water for human consumption.  As it turns out, about 150 of these hydrants have been installed over the past three years.

Although the health risk has yet to be determined, the Board has developed a plan to replace these meters in a timely manner.  To assist the Board, each member is asked to check the meter on their site.  If you have a meter like this, please call the office at (724) 738-0402 to schedule replacement.  You can also make arrangements by submitting a request through the Contact Us page on the website.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office, contact your Board representative, or submit an inquiry through the Contact Us page.

Thanks for your assistance.

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