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Board of Director Candidates

The following is a list of the candidates for the current election.  The application is the document submitted to the Board indicating their interest in being elected to the Board and their qualifications to do so.  Also, each candidate was given the opportunity to submit a separate message on their positions.  Take a moment and learn something about the people who will be guiding the Association for the next three years.

Members will receive their Election Packets in the mail the week of August 4, 2024.

WRITE-IN's -If you missed the Deadline and would like to run as a Write-in Candidate, please pick up a copy of the Election Guidelines and Observer Form in the office or on website. The Guidelines list the qualifications that you must meet for a Director, information if you choose an observer, and information on campaign signs.

You may also submit an individual summary to have posted on the bulletin boards
and on our webpage.

Unfortunately, Write-in candidates' names will not be printed on the ballot.

The information presented on this page is made available to the members of the Association ONLY.  Anything provided here cannot be copied or posted to other sites without the expressed permission from the candidate.

  Section    Name                                  Lot No       Application                    Messages         Results


Marilyn Patterson



Cindy Storoz



Jackie Bajack



Carol Phipps



Jack Homitz



Chuck Spicuzza


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