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Volunteers Needed

The success of many of our events is due to the tireless efforts of our volunteers.  We greatly appreciate their efforts immensely, and even though it is a small gesture, we recognize our volunteers at the annual volunteer luncheon.  If you have some time, please help make our events a success.  Sign up to be a volunteer.



Trout Fishing Tournament

Volunteers needed at the ponds. Only those who don't mind smelling like fish need apply.

We have instituted a policy whereby each volunteer who is involved with children must complete the PSP Criminal Check for Volunteers

The form can be completed on-line at no charge.  Access to the PSP Criminal Check can be accessed by clicking
here. Then select the New Record Check (Volunteers Only) button and follow the instructions.

Access to the PA Child Abuse History can be accessed by clicking

Upon completion, be sure to print the certification document and provide the office with a copy.  These clearances must be on file at the office to work as a volunteer at SRCA. There is also a Waiver that will have to be signed.


How to Get Child Abuse Clearance
Request for Criminal Check
PA Child Abuse History


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