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The water is obtained from 3 deep wells; one located at the reservoir-treatment plant on the hilltop, a second just outside the clubhouse and the third located across from C-bathhouse. The water is chemically treated before being pumped into the supply system. Each site has a water hydrant with a standard 1" hose connection. Some campers who are used to 'city water' install a separate filter on the system before the water enters the trailer, but this is not necessary. There is no additional charge for water usage.


SRCA maintains its own wastewater treatment plant. The wastewater treatment plant is located on the property just below the swimming pool and is capable of treating 100,000 gallons per day. The plant is supervised by a state-licensed operator that is a full-time member of the maintenance staff. There is no additional charge for wastewater treatment.


Electric service is provided by West Penn Power. Each site has one outlet box, with each box providing one (1) 50 amp or 30 amp service line and two (2) 15 amp service lines. The boxes are configured for meters, but there are no plans to meter sites at this time. There is no additional charge for electric service.


Cable TV
At the present time, there is no cable service available throughout the campground.  The provider that was providing service is no longer available.  Once an alternative provider is identified, the information will be disseminated.

Members may contract on their own for services from satellite providers such as DIRECTV and Dish Network. You can also get this service through Century Link. Satellite service is typically available in all areas of the campground. The only limitation to satellite service is that the satellite can not be mounted on a tree.


Telephone service is available thru Century Link, and they can be reached at 1-855-553-1120.  Availability of this service is limited.


The Campground does not provide Wi-fi.  The member must contract with a 3rd party for this service.


Cable TV
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